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The Art of Pets: New Offerings this Year

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As a pet and portrait photographer, I am always thinking, “what makes my subject special?” What little moment makes you look back and smile?

Specifically, when I photograph pets, I try to capture each little character I meet. His goofy dog smile, his wet little nose, his gorgeous eyelashes, his curious eyes. As a dog owner myself, I want to bottle up every bit of my dog and remember him forever. Cloning him wouldn’t cut it. It wouldn’t be him. He is my dearest friend, and I want to capture him to look back and smile at forever.

This winter, I finally bought myself an iPad. I had been doodling and drawing for as far back as I can remember, and had recently taken to creating doodles of my dog’s various expressions on sticky notes in my office. With my iPad, I now had the tools to make those doodles into something more. I started with my pal, Ranger, and then began drawing other pups in my friend group. Just like my photos, it gives me a way to bottle up their little characters.

This year, I’ll be offering personalized pet drawings as well as my usual pet portraits. Each portrait will be $50 and takes about a 7-10 day turn around. Send me your favorite photo of your pet and I will send back your image. I will also offer to take the photo when you attend any of my events this year.

I’m excited to expand the ways in which I capture the sweetest things in life. I can’t wait to meet, photograph, and draw your pups.


Mersiovsky Family and a big old pit named Mac

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JMU has a way of bringing together the best people.

I met Kate and Paul while helping a mutual friend move into her home. We had all gone to JMU around the same time, though we hadn’t met while there. Thankfully, as fate would have it, we now all live in the same town.

Mac, their adorable gentleman of a pit bull, is a rescue pup with a huge smile, and an even bigger heart. We went out to Manassas Battlefield to capture some of that golden hour magic that only a fall sunset can bring.




Pet and Family Session: Yolande the Animal Behaviorist

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Last weekend, I got to meet an animal behaviorist. What does that mean? Basically, she is not just a dog trainer – she’s a specialist in dog and cat and will help you understand better your pet’s actions. She works with anxious dogs, frightened cats, and dogs who need a little extra training to be the good boys and girls their owners know they can be.

Yolande works for Companion Animal Behavior based in Leesburg. I spent some time getting to know her, her daughter, and their adorable cat and cockapoo.



The Clancys and the First Snow of the Year

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What a better way to round out 2017 than with a surprise snow shower.

For my final shoot of the year, I got to photograph this beautiful family at Manassas Battlefield. When I heard the weather reports, my first instinct was “Oh no! We’ll probably have to reschedule!”

Then I realized that this may in fact be a Christmas card mini session blessing. We decided to go ahead and do the shoot in the snow. And it added just the level of Christmas cheer that brightens up the best Christmas cards.



Oscar, the Goldendoodle, and his person, Scarlett

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“What’s your favorite part about Oscar?”

“His eyes. The way he looks up at me.”

That was Scarlett’s response during her pet session on Friday at Manassas Battlefield.

There’s something in a dog’s eyes (and I don’t mean dust). It’s complete, total, and utter faith in us. It’s 100%, pure, unfiltered love. It’s never giving up on us. It’s the loudest expression of friendship without saying a word.

Oscar and Scarlett are very best friends, and it definitely reflected during their shoot. He is her boy and she is his girl. Scarlett and Oscar have been through so much together – sickness, and a long journey (literally up a mountain) toward health. He was there for her, looking up at her with the knowing faith, endless love, and constant friendship that dogs give.


Howl-O-Ween at Vint Hill Dog Park

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So there are two words that, no matter how bad the day has gone, make everyone in the Koepper household perk up.

Dog. Park.

I’m not sure who loves the park more – my husband and me, or Ranger. Either way, Vint Hill Dog Park has become a staple for our weekends.

This weekend, the park celebrated it’s Howl-O-Ween Party. Food, drinks, and pups in costume made for a super fun day.



There’s really nothing better than a Beagle taco, and spiders are much less terrifying when they come in the form of Great Dane puppies. The event was such a ball. Here are some shots of the pups.