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Summer Sunsets and Sundresses: Portrait Session at Manassas Battlefield Park

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Oh, those summer nights.

When the sun is sitting low and there’s a warm glow all around. Golden hour. My favorite of all the hours – even happy hour.

This past weekend I spent Saturday’s golden hour with Jennifer. She and her newly purchased sundress and I hiked up to one of the prettiest hills in Manassas Battlefield Park for a special portrait session. The goal – “I want to do something nice for myself.” As the soft light of summer slowly dips into fall, we celebrated the end of the season by capturing her gorgeous smile and a warmth that matched the hour.




The Clancys and the First Snow of the Year

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What a better way to round out 2017 than with a surprise snow shower.

For my final shoot of the year, I got to photograph this beautiful family at Manassas Battlefield. When I heard the weather reports, my first instinct was “Oh no! We’ll probably have to reschedule!”

Then I realized that this may in fact be a Christmas card mini session blessing. We decided to go ahead and do the shoot in the snow. And it added just the level of Christmas cheer that brightens up the best Christmas cards.



Oscar, the Goldendoodle, and his person, Scarlett

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“What’s your favorite part about Oscar?”

“His eyes. The way he looks up at me.”

That was Scarlett’s response during her pet session on Friday at Manassas Battlefield.

There’s something in a dog’s eyes (and I don’t mean dust). It’s complete, total, and utter faith in us. It’s 100%, pure, unfiltered love. It’s never giving up on us. It’s the loudest expression of friendship without saying a word.

Oscar and Scarlett are very best friends, and it definitely reflected during their shoot. He is her boy and she is his girl. Scarlett and Oscar have been through so much together – sickness, and a long journey (literally up a mountain) toward health. He was there for her, looking up at her with the knowing faith, endless love, and constant friendship that dogs give.