Ava & Nicole Maternity Session at Jones Point Park

Officially one year into my business, what I love the most about photography is that it has allowed me to discover new places and meet new people.

This past weekend, I discovered a beautiful park under a bridge I had driven over plenty of times – an oasis I didn’t even know was there. Jones Point Park is a little urban paradise in Old Town Alexandria.

And I got to meet Ava and Nicole, two beautiful mamas-to-be. They had their first date in Alexandria, and we decided this little park was the perfect place for maternity photos. Ava and Nicole were [are] super cool – even when I was like “yeah, so what if you guys went and stood in that patch of ominous-looking ivy?” – which, apparently, was filled with awesome rainbow-colored beams of light I didn’t notice until post. They braved the bugs and the heat and the Chesapeake Bay summer, but we had a great time. They are expecting their little guy – I will leave the name disclosing up to them – in a few months.┬áHe is also already super cool (see the fedora below).



Sam and Amber Engagement Photo Session

My mom and my husband are weather nuts – they check the weather at least a few times a day, they have multiple radar apps and TV stations with weather breakdowns that they watch religiously. I used to think they were nuts… until my first full summer as a photography business began.

Last Saturday, the rains were ridiculous. And I was going nuts. I was going to be photographing Sam and Amber at Brookside Gardens and man, did I want everything to go perfect – or at least not flood. Parts of Maryland were completely destroyed by flood waters. But the part of Maryland where I was photographing Sam and Amber’s engagement photos? Someone upstairs musta’ set up an umbrella right over the gardens. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s a sign. Because these two have an insane chemistry that can definitely weather any storm.




Family Photos on the Potomac

Three boys, one little girl, a gorgeous border collie, perfectly coordinated outfits, and some big smiles. The Cowan family brought their A-game to their session at Fort McNair the other weekend. Thunderstorms threatened an otherwise perfect day, but we were able to capture just enough fun before they rolled in.


Kelly and Finley, the Shepherd Mix

It was a gorgeous day at Fort McNair last Saturday when I met up with Kelly and her pup, Finley, for their pet session. I had been to the area, but had never been to Fort McNair – it is beautiful! Right on the Potomac and right next to the new soccer stadium.

Kelly and Finley are two peas. They were so much fun to hang out with, and I’m so glad they introduced me to a part of the city I never knew existed.


Petersen Family New Home Session

A couple of weeks ago, my spring sessions kicked off with some much needed warmth – not just outside, but also from the Petersen family. They had just moved to Virginia from Hawaii, and they brought the sunshine with them. A military family, they had just moved into their new home here and wanted to get some photos to capture this new chapter. Aloha and welcome to the neighborhood, Petersens!


Pet and Family Session: Yolande the Animal Behaviorist

Last weekend, I got to meet an animal behaviorist. What does that mean? Basically, she is not just a dog trainer – she’s a specialist in dog and cat and will help you understand better your pet’s actions. She works with anxious dogs, frightened cats, and dogs who need a little extra training to be the good boys and girls their owners know they can be.

Yolande works for Companion Animal Behavior based in Leesburg. I spent some time getting to know her, her daughter, and their adorable cat and cockapoo.



Riley’s Newborn Photo Shoot

Welcome to the world, Ms. Riley! We are so happy to have you, sweet girl.


A Black Lab Named Thane Turns One


The Clancys and the First Snow of the Year

What a better way to round out 2017 than with a surprise snow shower.

For my final shoot of the year, I got to photograph this beautiful family at Manassas Battlefield. When I heard the weather reports, my first instinct was “Oh no! We’ll probably have to reschedule!”

Then I realized that this may in fact be a Christmas card mini session blessing. We decided to go ahead and do the shoot in the snow. And it added just the level of Christmas cheer that brightens up the best Christmas cards.



The Coombs Family and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s here! Time to break out the holly, deck the halls, bake the cookies, and stuff the stockings. And time for Christmas card photos.

Part of what makes this a magical time of the year is the excitement you get when you discover that snail mail isn’t just for electric bills and coupons you’ll never use. It’s also for Amazon packages filled with joy and Christmas cards filled with cheer.

Christmas cards are that perfect opportunity to literally send a smile (in the form of a happy family photo) to your friends and family.

The Coombs’ were the perfect way to start out Christmas card mini sessions. They brought their Christmas smile A-game. Even their pup showed off his Christmas grin.



Oscar, the Goldendoodle, and his person, Scarlett

“What’s your favorite part about Oscar?”

“His eyes. The way he looks up at me.”

That was Scarlett’s response during her pet session on Friday at Manassas Battlefield.

There’s something in a dog’s eyes (and I don’t mean dust). It’s complete, total, and utter faith in us. It’s 100%, pure, unfiltered love. It’s never giving up on us. It’s the loudest expression of friendship without saying a word.

Oscar and Scarlett are very best friends, and it definitely reflected during their shoot. He is her boy and she is his girl. Scarlett and Oscar have been through so much together – sickness, and a long journey (literally up a mountain) toward health. He was there for her, looking up at her with the knowing faith, endless love, and constant friendship that dogs give.


Loudoun Country Humane Society Fall Fundraiser Donation Photo Session Winner

Earlier in the month, I donated a basket to the Loudoun County Humane Society’s Fall Fundraiser event. The basket would be given to a raffle winner at the event.

I had never put together a basket before – even for a holiday party gift – so I was a little daunted by the task. I couldn’t attend the event because of some prior appointments, but I wanted to make a killer basket. The goal was to promote my business, so I decided to set up the perfect fall puppy photoshoot. Treats – a must during any pet session. A squeaky toy – when you need to grab Fido’s attention. A 5×7 picture frame for your favorite photo from the shoot, and inside the frame, a certificate for a fall mini session at Manassas Battlefield.

I have to say – this was probably the most fun I’ve ever had donating. Goodwill runs have nothing on spending 30 minutes on a Saturday morning photographing three adorable dachshunds.

My face turned a nice shade of pomegranate red when Kim told me that she was so excited about this basket/session that she put all of her raffle tickets in for it. I couldn’t have been more flattered.

Kim and her husband and their three pups are such a cute fur-family. These dapper pups had on their best holiday outfits for their shoot, and you may well see them on a holiday card this season! Congrats, Kim!