The Art of Pets: New Offerings this Year

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As a pet and portrait photographer, I am always thinking, “what makes my subject special?” What little moment makes you look back and smile?

Specifically, when I photograph pets, I try to capture each little character I meet. His goofy dog smile, his wet little nose, his gorgeous eyelashes, his curious eyes. As a dog owner myself, I want to bottle up every bit of my dog and remember him forever. Cloning him wouldn’t cut it. It wouldn’t be him. He is my dearest friend, and I want to capture him to look back and smile at forever.

This winter, I finally bought myself an iPad. I had been doodling and drawing for as far back as I can remember, and had recently taken to creating doodles of my dog’s various expressions on sticky notes in my office. With my iPad, I now had the tools to make those doodles into something more. I started with my pal, Ranger, and then began drawing other pups in my friend group. Just like my photos, it gives me a way to bottle up their little characters.

This year, I’ll be offering personalized pet drawings as well as my usual pet portraits. Each portrait will be $50 and takes about a 7-10 day turn around. Send me your favorite photo of your pet and I will send back your image. I will also offer to take the photo when you attend any of my events this year.

I’m excited to expand the ways in which I capture the sweetest things in life. I can’t wait to meet, photograph, and draw your pups.

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