The Gift of Outside In

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – which means it’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. The cold is creeping in and, I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready to hibernate until spring.

Looking back on this year, it was by far one of the best years I’ve had – my first full year as a business owner. It has been beyond amazing to get to meet and help capture the memories of all the families I’ve met, big and small.

While I have found my stronghold in pet and family photography, I can’t forget where I started – by getting outside and photographing the beauty around me. When Aaron and I first met, he was majorly outdoors-y and me? Not so much. It could have been a non-starter. But instead, Aaron helped introduce to me an entirely new passion for photographing not just the skyline, but the way it makes you feel. That passion has only grown, and continues into each session I photograph. I’m not just photographing a dog; I’m photographing your very best friend, and the way he looks up at you after a long day. I’m photographing the way family makes you feel.

This year, as the Christmas season sets in, I’ve decided to offer some of my images of this beautiful world around us for sale. These images are of some of the most amazing places I’ve seen as we’ve traveled to various national parks. From Yellowstone to the Tetons to Shenandoah, this is what makes our country great. And now you can have it in your own home.

Below is a link to the album where you can view and order prints.


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