Baby, It’s Fall Outside: Christina and Barry Maternity Shoot

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When I was little, my older brother often had the unfortunate job of constantly watching his little sister. He’d let me tag along with him when he played with the neighborhood kids and make sure I came home in one piece. He would make Tombstone pizza when my parents worked late. He’d let me watch while he played Sega, and then Nintendo 64, and then Playstation. And I thought he was just the coolest older brother – I pretty much wanted to do anything he was doing. Honestly, he WAS a really cool older brother. Any coolness I have originated from my brother.

Now, he is going to be a really cool dad.

My brother was lucky enough to meet a girl with just as high a cool-level as he has. Christina completes him, in every single sappy, Jerry McGuire cliche kind of way.

For their photo shoot, Barry and Christina went out to Breaux Winery. This little winery was nestled right up next to the mountains and, just because Mother Nature knew this was a particularly special shoot, the fall colors were serious. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Right out of a Hallmark Thanksgiving special.

Their little one, Riley, is so loved already. Christina is such a beautiful mama-to-be. Seeing my brother and sister-in-law love this child is even more beautiful, and I look forward to seeing just how cool she is going to be.

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