Emily and Hunter Couples Session in Strasburg, VA

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“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal” -Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail

As we pulled into the driveway, I saw two beautiful country farmhouses. We would be going to the one on the left. In the yard of the house on the right laid a sleepy coonhound, who watched as we parked and I fiddled with my camera to get the right settings.

“You may hear a hound dog as you pull up, but he’s friendly,” I remember Em saying.

Beyond the driveway, a dirt road led out into acres of lush farmland with apple trees and another white farmhouse. Beyond that, the Blue Ridge Mountains framed this perfect picture.

This was a special place.

I had met Em back in college – we both went to JMU, and got reacquainted earlier this year when a friend connected us for some photos of her two adorable pups. I was more than happy to have a JMU pal as one of my first real clients. She, Hunter, and her dogs easily became one of my favorite families to shoot.

So when they came to me again in October for a couples session, I was thrilled. Like, really guys, happy dances were performed. Not only was I getting to shoot this gorgeous couple twice, but this time, we were going to do it at Hunter’s family farm.

As we drove to the various locations on the farm for photos, Em told me about how quiet it was here. How they would come out here to go hunting. They showed me where they had special picnics and where they would go for long walks.

These little details – markers in their relationship, memories they shared – are all what made this shoot special. I felt like I was on a movie set – swept away from the every day and capturing a beautiful story.

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