Photos on the Nightstand

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When Aaron and I first started dating, every now and then, he’d snap a “candid” photo of me. It was usually mid-chew while we were out at dinner or some intense photo of me studying for Media Law, and I thought, “that can’t possibly be attractive.” They weren’t always. But he’d keep them and look at them and it meant something special to him to have photos of me. Every couple of days, he’d snap another photo of me giving him looks or reading or doing whatever it is I was doing. It made me feel incredibly special.

Now that life is moving 1000x faster, he no longer takes candid photos, but he does keep a picture of me as his phone background. I usually take a selfie when I’m especially feelin’ myself, and I’ll send it to him, because I know he’ll keep it and look at it every day.

I can remember, when I was a little girl, my sister first started dating her husband. They met online, and pictures were important. She sent him a really fantastic photo of herself, and she had a photo of him in his Marines uniform. When they moved in together, these photos were both sitting on their nightstands – the first photo they’d see in the morning.

When I do sessions with couples, I always try to take that concept and snap some “nightstand photos.” I get one of each partner.

I’ll either tell the client to look into the camera like you’d look at their partner all done up for a date, or I’ll have the partner stand just over my shoulder and ask the client to focus on them, not me.

This always creates really special photos – something a selfie can’t always capture. This is how you look when you’re looking at your person. I love these photos because they capture that look. Photos of your partner exactly how they look at that special moment. I call them “nightstand photos,” because even if you use them as your phone background, they’re the first thing you see when you get up in the morning. Because everyone deserves to have a photo of their person to wake up to.

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